Battlefield 3 Guide

Hello Battlefield 3 Player,

In this Battlefield 3 Guide, we will be covering the top Battlefield 3 strategies, tactics, and info so you can start winning more games and improve your kill:death ratio.

Many players really struggle with Battlefield 3, as this game has overall the highest level of competition in online play out of all the console RPGs. Battlefield 3 simply attracts more serious gamers than the Call of Duty franchise, and as such, you may find yourself getting creamed even in pick up matches.

Fortunately, that is where this Battlefield 3 guide comes in. In this BF3 guide, you will find specific strategies for all of the classes, game modes, and maps so you can stop losing and start winning games. We will even cover all of the different weapons and the best ways to use them.

Battlefield 3 Strategy Guide - Class Guides

In Battlefield 3, players can choose from four different classes: Assault, Support, Engineer, and Recon. Each of these classes has many weapons and special items which are unique to it and can only be unlocked within that class.

You can customize the weapons and attachments within each of these classes, but there are no completely "custom" classes like you might find in CoD. As a result, you not only have to be more picky about how to play your class but you need to figure out multiple uses for the same skill set - you cannot rely on your set-up as a crutch.

These guides is a great starting point for Battlefield 3 players of all backgrounds. If you are serious about getting better and want more strategies, we recommend checking out the Relik Guide, which you can visit by clicking here.

Since this is such an important aspect of Battlefield 3, we have put together some BF3 strategy guides on each of the classes, which you can read below:

Battlefield 3 Guide - Gadgets and Weapons

A major portion of this Battlefield 3 guide is dedicated to gadgets and weapons and their attachments. Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of each of these items is essential to creating a good character in Battlefield 3.

When you know the best strategies for playing your class, your task is then to pick the best gun, attachments, and gadgets that will help you get the job done. This section of our BF3 strategy guide is perfect for figuring out exactly how to do that:

Battlefield 3 Guide - About the Game

If you have never played Battlefield 3 (also known as BF3) before, you might be wondering what it is all about. BF3 is a first person shooter which is rapidly becoming one of the premiere games to own on X-Box 360, Playstation 3, and even on PC (though the system requirements for PC are very demanding if you don't have a gaming PC).

Battlefield 3 is created by DICE games and published by Electronic Arts and has become the top rival with the Call of Duty franchise. Estimates are that Battlefield 3 will only sell about half the copies of Modern Warfare 3, but given how many copies Modern Warfare sells, that is no small feat and makes Battlefield 3 one of the top titles for X-Box and PS3.

Battlefield 3 features class-based combat, where players have to choose one of several roles, reminiscent of the system popularized by Team Fortress Classic. Players can unlock new weapons and items for their class, but they still must choose a role - there are no completely custom classes.

Out of all the popular FPS games, Battlefield 3 is by far the most realistic, allowing players to take out many objects on the map. You can blow up trees and brush to remove enemy cover and even destroy objects that players are hiding behind.

The maps on Battlefield 3 are huge as well. In order to help deal with the large size of maps, many maps are equipped with a variety of vehicles that you can use as part of a coordinated assault, such as tanks and helicopters. We will be adding sections to this Battlefield 3 guide on all of the vehicles so you can best understand how to use them.

A quick shout-out to the creators of - you might say we drew some inspiration from them when we created this site. If you like Starcraft 2, check out their site, as the guides and strategies on it is great.

Battlefield 3 Strategy Guide - Conclusion

By following the tips and tricks outlined in this BF3 guide, you can gain a major edge on the competition. Learn to tailor your strategies to the class, map, and game mode you are playing and you will do much better in online play.

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