Battlefield 3 Recon Class Guide

Click Here to Visit Relik GuideIn this Battlefield 3 Recon Class Guide, I will be going over a general overview of the Recon class, discussing its strengths and weaknesses, as well as giving you some great strategies to use as a Recon player.

Battlefield 3 Recon Kit Overview, Strengths, and Weaknesses

The Battlefield 3 Recon Kit is the kit which contains Sniper Rifles and gadgets geared towards the gathering or concealing of information. Anyone who wants to use a high-powered Rifle and scope is encouraged to choose this class.

It is a common mistake to think that the Sniper is strong at long-ranged combat and weak at other types of combat. Once you have a lot of practice, mid-ranged combat is actually one of the Recon Kit's greatest strengths. All you need to be able to do is be very quick with aiming, and you can get a 1-hit kill via headshot much more accurately than any other gun.

The one weakness that the Recon Kit does have though is short-ranged combat. You are best off pulling out a pistol if you are very close to an an enemy or are chasing down someone from behind. There is no need to aim a pistol - it is usually better to fire from the hip and strafe so you do not get taken out yourself. Pistols tend not to be very accurate, even when aiming, unless you are very close to the target, so it is hard to get a head shot even if you align your aim perfectly.

Note: If you are playing on a PC, the Recon class is MUCH stronger at close-quarters combat. Sniper rifles will often be 1-hit kills at close ranges, but it is hard to hold down the sights and get a shot off with a controller. Players on the computer can do this really quickly and can even shoot accurately without aiming at all thanks to the superior control a mouse offers.

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In addition to their prowess in combat, the Sniper gets access to some interesting gadgets such as the Tactical Unmanned Ground Sensor (T-UGS), which is one of the best gadgets in the game. You can use put it on the ground and it will scan for nearby players that are standing up. Note that it will not detect crouched or prone players and it can be destroyed.

Finally, Recon players get access to the Radio Beacon, which is very useful on nearly any map and game mode. This lets players in your squad or team (depending on game mode) respawn where it is placed. You want to put this in a safe spot as close to the action as possible. This eliminates players respawning in unsafe locations or far away from where they are needed, lowering downtime.

Battlefield 3 Recon Kit Leveling Tips

As a Recon player, the bulk of your leveling points will be from taking down other players. However, if any player who gets marked by your T-UGS gets killed, you will get a few bonus points. Put this down in a crowded area and you will rack up a lot of bonus points quickly, even if it does not seem to contribute much to the battle!

Battlefield 3 Recon Class Strategy

As mentioned earlier in this Battlefield 3 Recon guide, the Recon Kit really excels at mid to long-ranged combat. At long range, you really need a Bipod equipped in order to reliably take out players (unless they are stationary). Otherwise, you should always mark players before shooting them so your teammates that are closer can take them out.

Should you engage in longer-range combat, you will have to account for "bullet drop". This means aiming above players rather than directly at them. This only is a factor for very long shots, and you typically only aim about half a crosshair up for a very long shot. This of course varies based on weapons and attachments.

The best Recon players push up and do not stay prone sniping all the time. With a lot of practice, you can aim and get a head shot very quickly. The trick is to move your view into the approximate area of a player before aiming. That way, when you aim you will already be on top of them and will have little (if any) adjustment to make in order to get a head shot. The best players are able to do this extremely quickly and can take out players in less than a half a second. They just need a lot of practice to get to this point.

As a Recon player, you are also in charge of keeping T-UGS sensors down in hot areas. This will not only mark where players are at but will also earn you a lot of points in the process. Additionally as a Recon Player, you need to take care to mark as many players as possible for teammates which are a bit further up.

Alternatively, some players may be tasked with keeping a Radio Beacon up as their primary task. It depends on the map and game mode what is most valuable at the time. Whenever you are near an objective in Rush mode, Radio Beacons are great. They are also good on maps where default spawn locations tend to be unsafe (hint: any small map with random spawns).

Finally, should you get caught in close-range combat, pull out your pistol and get in the habit of using it. They are a lot stronger than most players would give them credit for, especially if you can aim accurately, strafe, and (or) get the jump on your opponent.

Battlefield 3 Recon Strategy Guide Conclusion

The Recon class is good in Battlefield 3, but whenever I see a player sitting back and sniping, they never have a good kill:death ratio. The best players are not stationary, are constantly moving, and are able to aim and shoot very quickly. The primary feature of a sniper rifle is that it is highly accurate from mid-range, allowing you to get a head shot 100% of the time. This is what helps the Sniper make the most use out of his accurate weapon.

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