Battlefield 3 Rush Mode Strategy Guide

Click Here to Visit Relik GuideIn this Battlefield 3 Rush guide, we will be going over the rules of the game and the best tactics for both offense and defense. By using the strategies and tactics outlined in this guide, you will do ten times better and win many more Rush games than you would if you were going in with no strategy.

For the first part of this Battlefield 3 Rush guide, I will be giving an overview of the game along with the rules. After that, I will be discussing both how to play offense and defense.

Battlefield 3 Rush Guide - Overview

Rush is a popular game mode in BF3 that involves a good deal more strategy than typical game modes. It involves either making or defending against a tactical assault on various points around the map.

As an attacker, you goal is to destroy the M-COMs before losing 100 players. You have to do this successfully several times before you win a game.

As a defender, your goal is to kill 100 enemy players before they take down the two "bases" (called M-COMs) on the map. If you are able to successfully do this at any point, you win the match.

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Should the attackers manage to take out the 2 M-COMs, they will get refreshed to 100 lives (noted above the mini-map) and then an explosion will reveal a new portion of the map as well as two new M-COMs.

From the maps I have played, there are 4 sets of 2 M-COMs that you must successfully attack. Each time you take out a set of M-COMs, you will go to a new portion of the map which often has very different terrain and choke points.

Battlefield 3 Rush Strategy Guide - Offense

When playing as offense in rush mode, you need to understand that there are several roles that need to be filled: front line attacker, spotter, and support.

A front line attacker is how most players will play. These people will simply go down the middle or sides of the map and try to cap the objective. The bulk of your team should be filling this role, but if everyone on your team is doing this, you will surely lose. All classes can fill this role.

A spotter is someone who moves around the outside of the map and tries to get behind enemy lines. This person can then silently mark players who are sniping as they move behind the enemy's base, far behind the objectives if possible.

This is ideal on wide open parts of the map (such as the first portion of Operation Metro). Two people can fill this role in a 16 on 16 match. Should this person successfully infiltrate, they can sneak up on players as take them out.

A player who is playing as a support role is absolutely vital to your success in all portions of the map. Assault and Support roles fill this best given their health and ammo packs respectively.

This class ideally follows just behind front line attackers but stays in a close location. This person is able to provide a close spawn point for the squad. A person from each squad of front line attackers needs to fill this role.

You can provide suppression fire and even make a kill or two when it is easy, but you need to stay safe if you are in this role. Rush mode is all about spawn locations.

What you want to do is get in a safe spot with plenty of cover and concealment near the objectives. This way, when your teammates die, they can spawn right on top of you and be very close to the objective.

You actually do not need your team to have a good kill:death ratio to win on offense if you have a bunch of people acting as spawn points near the objectives. You can simply overwhelm the enemy with spawns.

Once you press in, the biggest challenge is actually planting the explosive on the target. One great way to do this is to throw out a lot of smoke and grenades around the target, and then capture it using the haze and smoke as a cover. It is hard for the enemy to shoot you if they cannot see you!

Battlefield 3 Rush Guide - Defense

If you are playing on defense, strategies are a lot different. In general, you will find it is much easier to play defense in a pick-up game and much harder to play defense in an organized game. Pick-up games are disorganized and are easily stopped on defense with the right strategy.

Defenders have an advantage in there being unlimited lives and a massive advantage in the fact that the enemy has to come to the assault points in order to win the match. As a result, the majority of the team can take up defensive positions quite successfully.

While I am normally not in favor of staying in the same spot, you definitely want to have a few players camping out watching each objective. The enemy team has to actually physically touch the objective in order to win, so that is a huge advantage for your team.

I think it is best to let your Assault and Engineer classes stay up and guard the actual objective. Also, it is good to have 1 Sniper behind that team in order to actually protect the team watching the objective - do not let them get snuck up on and take out offensive players who might be acting as spotters or are trying to sneak up on your guarding classes. If players are really far away, be sure to mark them before shooting.

The rest of your team you actually want to push up as far as you can. For some reason, at maps like Operation Metro, when the offense takes out the first set of M-COMs, the defense automatically falls back to the second set. You do not want to do this but rather want to push up as far as you can. You want to get as many kills as possible before letting the offense push into your base.

You want to be moving around behind enemy lines and try to sneak up on as much players as possible. It works best if a squad is organized and can do this together, so they can keep spawning behind enemy lines when they die. K:D ratio is irrelevant, as you have infinite lives on defense. You want to take out as many players as you can to win the match, but you can die as often as you want as long as 1 squad member stays alive in the area you want to respawn.

Another thing you want to do is use C4 to blow up as many trees, plants, and walls as you can. By taking away the offensive team's cover, it makes it very hard for them to advance across the field. Plant explosives everywhere, especially in popular hiding spots, and it will take away the cover and make it very easy to pick off an advancing offense.

Battlefield 3 Rush Guide Conclusion

Rush is a fun game when players understand the rules and is very frustrating when they do not. If you are playing in a pick-up group, odds are you can make the biggest contribution on offense by acting as a spawn point for your squad near the objective and staying alive as long as possible.

On defense, your best bet is to play as forward as possible and try to keep the offense pinned back. It is hard to defend an objective covered in smoke, but it is easy to pick off players running across the field. Be sure to take out as much brush as you can so you can see the enemy team better.

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