Battlefield 3 Shotgun Ammo List

Click Here to Visit Relik GuideIf you are a big fan of using Shotguns in FPS games, Battlefield 3 really delivers by allowing you to use different types of ammo. You can ultimately unlock 4 different types of shotgun shells, which are unlocked individually on each weapon by racking up kills.

Below, we will give you a full list of the functions of each of the 4 Battlefield 3 Shotgun Shells as well as some strategies for getting the most out of each shell.

BF3 Shotgun Ammo - 12G Buckshot

The 12G Buckshot is the standard type of shotgun ammo and performs exactly how you would expect a shotgun to perform in other FPS games: it has a big spread, does a lot of damage, but has very little range.

This means that you only need to point it in the general direction of your enemy (no need to aim - just fire from the hip) and can often take out enemy players in 1 hit. The only downside is of course you need to be very close to your opponent for this to work. Since buckshot is a spray of light pellets, they also do not penetrate at all, so if someone even has mild cover like a car or barrel, you will not be able to do much to them.

This makes the 12G Buckshot great for rushing into crowded rooms, like when assaulting the final 3 sets of targets in Operation Metro. However, it makes it worthless in open space or in crowded spaces with lots of cover.

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Keeping with the Operation Metro example, you would not want to run down the metro lane or through the cars with a Shotgun, as the barrels and other miscellaneous things around the map would provide enough cover to for players to kill you from a safe distance. You would want to stick to the central green rooms instead.

BF3 Shotgun Shells List - 12G Flechette

The 12G Flechette is a very specialized shell which replaces the buckshot with a special high-penetration shot. This means that shots from this gun will actually pierce through light cover objects like cars and barrels, but the damage is lower. The range is still short with these shells.

This is only for special situations where you have a lot of enemies camping behind objects which do not offer much cover. One example of a good place to use these is when you are on offense during the second part of Operation Metro. These are good to use for fighting players camping in the actual subway or behind the littered trash cans. These shells will penetrate through the seats and other misc. objects which would otherwise block your 12G Buckshot.

Battlefield 3 Shotgun Shells List - 12G Frag

The 12G Frag is perhaps the most specialized of all the types of Shotgun shells as it is only really useful when you are working well with your teammates. This particular shell explodes into many little pieces, giving it a huge spread when you fire it. As a downside, it does not deal much damage.

This makes it perfect for suppressing opponents. If you do not know what the means, you can basically force players to take cover when you fire this gun, as if they do not, they will take damage. You can fire this to keep your opponents pinned down while your teammates move into position.

For example, if you are trying to take down an M-COM in a room and the enemy is camping inside, you can keep the enemy pinned down with the 12G Frag while your teammate(s) move in a separate entrance to take your opponents down by surprise.

It is pretty hard to use this correctly since it does require teamwork, so if you are a lone gunner, you should stay away from this shell.

Battlefield 3 Shotgun Ammo - 12G Shell

The 12G Shell is the final type of Battlefield 3 Shotgun ammo. These particular shells offer you more range at the cost of some damage. They are pretty similar to the 12G Buckshot, but should be used on maps where you want to use a Shotgun but you need a little more range. Think of using these shells maps where you might be in some short hallways which are a bit too long for 12G Buckshot.

Battlefield 3 Shotgun Ammo and Shells List - Wrap Up

By mastering the usage of all the Shotgun ammo in Battlefield 3, you will be able to adapt your Shotgun to many more situations. It can take a lot of work to get used to, but players who master all the types of BF3 shotgun shells will reign supreme in close-quarters combat.

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